Events Committee

Chair: David Haqvinsson, Handelsbanken AB (publ)

This committee is responsible for the Chamber's events. The Chamber organise a wide range of different activities in both professional and leisure setting such as seminars, panel discussions, speaker events, large scale cocktails, gala dinners and after works.

Committee members:

  • Ann-Louise Andrén (Living Accessories Ceannis Ltd)

  • Anders Lundholm (Individual Member)

  • Christian Bergenstråhle (Savetime)

  • Marina Wilson (Åre Water)

  • Emma Stolt Bragée (Individual Member)

  • Alessandra Lombardi (7Cento)

  • Sofia Åkerborg Rydberg (Emerse)

  • Fredrik Agmén, Gustav Ridell and Eva Karlberg (SwedCham)