Events Committee

Chair: Jimmy Bjennmyr, Handelsbanken AB (publ)

This committee is responsible for the Chamber's events. The Chamber organise a wide range of different activities in both professional and leisure setting such as seminars, panel discussions, speaker events, large scale cocktails, gala dinners and after works.

Committee members:

  • Karin Johansson (Daniel Wellington)

  • Ove Joraas, (PCB Vision)

  • Cyril Fung, (Cyril Fung & Associates)

  • Caroline Djurvall (EF)

  • Jenny Myrberg-Gip (Non-member)

  • John Barclay (Primasia Corporate Services)

  • Casper Olden (Antique Scandinavia)

  • Magdalena Ranagården (BlueWater)

  • Andreas Wannerwall (SEB)

  • Moa Svensson (Young Professionals member)

  • Fabian Lundberg, Emma Sahlin and Eva Karlberg (SwedCham)