Marketing Committee

Chair: Patrik Ågren, OSM Group

The Marketing Committee endeavors to ensure activities, members and opportunities at SwedCham are well communicated to all interested audiences. This is a lively team of outgoing professionals interested in all aspects of communication, public relations, advertising and social media

Committee members:

  • Johan Aledal (Johan & Johan)

  • Anders Hellberg (Boris Design Studio)

  • Katarina Ivarsson (Boris Design Studio)

  • Lena Löfling (LL Communication)

  • Winnie Ng (APSIS)

  • Johan Olausson (Bamboo Business Communications)

  • Johan Persson (C’Monde)

  • Sophie Sophaon (KREAB)

  • Peter Luxenburg (Frost Limited)

  • Gustav Ridell, Jennifer Ren Liu and Christian Bergenstråhle (SwedCham)