Brainlit AB



#2 Ann Gardens, 29 Shouson hill road, Shouson hill

Hong Kong

Phone:+852 67156746

Company Presentation

BrainLit is a Swedish provider of biocentric light bringing natural daylight indoors all over the world with local representation in Hong Kong. The BCL™ system – BioCentric Lighting™ by BrainLit – reproduces natural daylight indoors for human well-being using algorithm based light recipes for individuals and groups to align and sustain the circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms – often referred to as the “biological clock” – regulate our well-being, alertness and sleep. When we spend most of our time indoors, our circadian rhythms fail to synchronize without exposure to sunlight. This affects our production of the hormones cortisol and melatonin. The solution is the BCL System, an intelligent lighting network solution mimicking natural daylight indoors for human well-being, using algorithm based light recipes for individuals and groups to sustain the circadian rhythms. The BCL System consists of an easy to use control system operated by sensors, keypad or touch screen and high intensity flicker-free luminaires. It’s easy to install and thus minimally disruptive to business, self-sustained and rarely needs manual user input. Still, changes are easily undertaken in our user-friendly, intuitive interfaces in the format that suits you best. Being energy efficient, sustainable and easy to maintain, the BCL System is scalable and works equally well in a single room as for an entire building, compound or network. BrainLit offers a well-defined concept protected by multiple patent families under ongoing development in cooperation with our scientific advisory board, allowing it to align with cutting edge technological and medicinal research.

Chamber Representative

  • Anders Carlberg

    Market Development Manager APAC