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Company Presentation

FeedbackOnline® is a web-based 360 degree questionnaire tool, designed to be used as a process companion to serious performance management initiatives, addressing the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations. The Feedbackonline® tool is generally acclaimed by our customers as one of the easiest fully web-based performance tools on the market. And at affordable rates! Fits all company sizes and works great in multi-lingual environments.

Most companies today would subscribe to the belief that the financial outcome of our companies stands in direct correlation to the effectiveness of how our managers run them. But how to measure this? Aren’t behaviors and attitudes too “soft” to deal with? No! FeedbackOnline® makes it tangible and measurable and fits effortlessly to your company’s needs.

FeedbackOnline® can help you:

Identify “top performers” that can be targeted for leadership development.
Identify strengths and development needs and provide a basis for a development plan.
Create a culture of open feedback and discussions.
FeedbackOnline® supports:

Employee Engagement: Engage your employees in self development with the help of 360 feedback. Strengthen your organisation by diagnosing your communication patterns.

Career Development: By using FeedbackOnline® you can diagnose your company’s communication patterns and motivate your team with powerful analytics and action planning.

Employee Effectiveness: FeedbackOnline® eliminates biases when giving and receiving feedback by focusing on development. Learn how feedback will benefit you and your organisation.

FeedbackOnline® was created with the customer experience in mind. It’s easy to use. You pick a predefined “off-the-shelf” tool or you can tailor your own 360 questionnaire.

We offer you full support. Our professional team is glad to assist and will swiftly guide you or answer any of your questions. We also have a set of internationally experienced practitioners that can assist you in any area of organizational effectiveness and people performance.

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  • Peter Lysell

    Managing Director