Mercuri International (HK) Ltd



Unit 6D, @Convoy, 169 Electric Road, North Point
Hong Kong

phone:+852 28655878

Company Presentation

Mercuri International is supporting its clients in the following areas:

Sales processes: steps, tools and methodologies
Sales activities: training & coaching
Sales results: conversion ratios and KPI's
Mercuri International is present all over Asia with own offices and associates offering above services with fully employed local consultants and trainers.

Our clients appreciate Mercuri's ability to implement Asian-wide company standards in sales considering local biz-environment, culture and language.

Mercuri International is one of the world’s largest consulting and training companies in the area of sales.

Founded 1960 in Stockholm, Mercuri International has developed a global organization with Mercuri offices in key markets (over 40 countries) and more than 700 fully employed consultants, trainers and coaches being familiar with local business environments and languages (native speakers). Being a global partner, Mercuri is able to meet major global corporations’ total competence - development needs as well as closely partnering with small and midsize companies in the area of sales. Being present with offices in majority of Asian countries since more than 20 years, we offer the complete range of our services to our clients in China via offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Senior Management
Managing Director: Dr. Frank Herbertz

President & CEO (Mercuri International Group)

Major Shareholders
BURE Equity AB

Number of Staff
42, Number of Expat Staff 1

Chamber Representative

  • Frank Herbertz

    (Mercuri International Group) Managing Director Asia