Oriflame Services Hongkong Limited



Unit 620, Level 6, 28 Hennessy Road, Admiralty
Hong Kong

phone:+852 39519755

Company Presentation

Founded in 1967, Oriflame is a beauty company selling direct in more than 60 countries. Its wide portfolio of Swedish, nature-inspired, innovative beauty products is marketed through approximately 3 million independent Oriflame Consultants, generating annual sales of around €1.4 billion. Respect for people and nature underlies Oriflame’s operating principles and is reflected in its social and environmental policies. Oriflame supports numerous charities worldwide and is a Co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation. Oriflame is a Swiss company group listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Exchange.

Brief facts
• Around 1.4 billion Euros in annual sales
• More than 3 million Registered Actives
• Approximately 6 000 employees
• A product range of approximately 1000 products.
• Co-founder of World Childhood Foundation.
• Global R&D centre with more than 100 scientists
• Production units in Russia, Poland, China and India
• Listed on the Nasdaq OMX Exchange since March 2004
• Operations in more than 60 countries

Chamber Representative

  • Thomas Ekberg