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Company Presentation

Isak is a brand of well designed and functional graphic based home accessories. Designing, sourcing, manufacturing and distributing its own range of homeware and kitchen products.

The company is passionate about creating a brand of responsibly manufactured products for the home. Most of the products are made in Europe, with the exception of the ceramics that are made in Indonesia. We use the best materials available, recycle as much as possible and make our packaging reusable. We use wood from sustainable sources and recycled paper products and vegetable inks wherever we can. We aim to produce products with integrity; products designed to last, to be passed down and enjoyed for many years to come. We treasure our past and protect our future.

Sandra Isaksson Design Studio offers design solutions within graphic design, product design, surface and pattern design for international brands, department stores, publishing houses, book publishers and clothing companies. Sandra’s style is unmistakably Scandinavian and her designs are influenced by her carefree, rural upbringing in the forests and lakes of Sweden. This childhood freedom has cultivated a passion for the simple beauty in life: nature, quality, good food and family. These themes are evident in all design work which makes the designs long lasting, playful and engaging. People connect with Sandra’s designs because they recognise something familiar and personal, there is an emotional integrity and honesty to Sandra’s work, not forgetting the humorous and fun.

Sandra is trained as a graphic designer and illustrator but her skill set now extends across all aspects of product design from conception, through production to marketing and retail. Her passions for travel, food and connecting with people have influenced her design style further to create a truly global and all encompassing story that is nevertheless unmistakably Scandinavian in origin.

Isaksson Ltd is the umbrella company of Isak and Sandra Isaksson Design Studio.

The company was set up in the UK in 2006 by owner and designer Sandra Isaksson. The studio relocated to Hong Kong in 2017.

Chamber Representative

  • Sandra Isaksson