Emerse Ltd.



Level 20, Infinitus Plaza 199 Des Voeux Road Central Sheung Wan

Hong Kong


Company Presentation

Emerse is a fast growing Swedish company in the field of programmatic advertising, positioned at the intersection of technology and advertising, where algorithms and technology are used to deliver efficient and targeted campaigns. Emerse manages campaigns for many leading brands around the world. We have worked with a wide range of clients ranging from major commercial campaigns for global brands to agencies, the EU and governments. We offer a complete service, handling all aspects of your digital advertising campaign, from setting up targeting parameters and launching your campaign to in-flight optimisation and detailed reporting. We can also offer a self-service setup. At Emerse we pride ourselves on our unique, quality and proprietary technology, transparency, results and excellent customer service. Background Since starting in 2007, Emerse has been hired by many well-known companies such as Hästens, Infinity, Panerai, Honda, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, LG, Shell and Disney, just to mention a few. Emerse products and services aim to create effects from digital advertising that deliver results and help customers grow. By analysing and expanding audiences and targeting customized messages with optimized deliveries, the customer can increase brand awareness and see results from the advertising. The proprietary technology platform, DSP – Demand Side Platform – based on advanced algorithms, has helped both Barack Obama and New York mayor Bill de Blasio to win election victories. Owned and managed by its founder, Carl-Johan Grund, Emerse was joined in 2015 by Spiltan, Sweden’s premier investment company, who became a major shareholder. More information is available at www.emerse.com "

Chamber Representative

  • Sofia Rydberg

    Regional Director