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6/F Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Hong Kong


Company Presentation

Emerse is an ad-tech company starting in 2007 with HQ in Sweden and an international client base. Emerse offers a DSP solution and a creative optimization tool called Emerse Labs. We offer a complete service with 100% transparency, handling all aspects of your digital advertising campaign, from setting up targeting parameters and launching your campaign to in-flight optimisation and detailed reporting. Emerse make sure that you capture the right audience at the right time. We have access to a broad premium media inventory. In China, we also cover platforms like YouKU, OTV, Baidu, Tencent, WeChat, RED, Weibo, C-travel, etc. Eemerse Labs is a data driven approach to the creative process. Using Emerse Labs, clients can set dynamically A/B/N test different versions of their ad creatives. Emerse Labs calculates and shows the statistical certainty of the conversion or click through rate for each ad variant. A/B/N testing enables the client to achieve better results and performance of campaigns. We have seen clients increasing the result by 10x just by changing the color and text of their ad and CTR button. Based on facts our clients are able to make the decision to run a campaign with the best creatives and use their budget correctly. Since starting in 2007, Emerse has been hired by many well-known companies such as Hästens, Infinity, Panerai, Honda, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Mercedes, Coca-Cola, LG, Shell and Disney, just to mention a few. Emerse products and services aim to create effects from digital advertising that deliver results and help customers grow. By analysing and expanding audiences and targeting customized messages with optimized deliveries, the customer can increase brand awareness and see results from the advertising. Contact Emerse for a demo or a proposal.

Chamber Representative

  • Sofia Rydberg

    Regional Director