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We import and sell lamps that are commissioned by us and then made in China. Thanks to excellent cooperation with our suppliers, good logistics and our own on-site staff we are able to offer a wide range of modern lamps and good prices. Our aim is simply to make it easy for everyone to create a pleasant, well-lit home! New this year is that we are expanding outside Europe by marketing us and our products as Scandinavian design and Style Background K-FAB was founded in Sundsvall in 1974. It was Tommy Granströms father, Karl Göte Granström, who made a long-held dream of his come true – running his own lighting business. I worked alongside him from the very start, and since the end of the 1990s I have been the one keeping his dream alive – and I have made it my own. Our business idea K-FAB shall, by personal service, great flexibility and efficient logistics be a supplier of modern, affordable and atmospheric lighting for the home in North Europe. Our values Our three value words are awareness, simplicity and comfort. These value words are the foundation on which we stand, and the basis on which we take decisions about the company’s activities and communication. At K-FAB we like to emphasise that we are from Norrland, the north of Sweden, and why shouldn’t we? Norrland represents what is beautiful in light. In the summer months we are blessed with long, light nights, and in the winter we are probably the best in the world at creating cosy, pleasantly lit homes. For us, Norrland also stands for simplicity, personal relationships and direct communication. This is how we want to behave towards one another – and how we want our customers to see us. Why make it more complicated? Senior Management Helene Romby Number of Staff 14

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