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Company Presentation

The Premium Air Purifier from Sweden Livsdal is dedicated to create a more healthy indoor environment and it is one of the world’s most efficient air purifiers capturing pollen, pet dander, viruses and bacteria down to toxic gases, smoke and molecules. With its 7-filter technology Livsdal is the first air purifier that capture not only PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 but also ultra fine particles PM0.3 and nitrogen dioxide NO2, sulfur dioxide SO2, ozone O3 and formaldehyde CH2O. Livsdal is producing its premium air purifiers in Falköping, Sweden an is sold through its multilingual website to the global affluent consumer market. Engineered, designed and manufactured in Sweden. At Livsdal we have channeled all the energy and experience found in Sweden to develop a truly amazing product. The filters are from the Swedish manufacturer Camfil that has been around for 50 years producing and selling their filters all around the globe. The design is in collaboration with the Swedish studio MP12 and we at Livsdal have provided the power of implementation and production, distribution and sales it to anyone that experience they are in need for clean air. Anywhere. Livsdal is a family owned business and Andreas Murray and Tobias Murray are brothers that share a passionate interest in healthy living and good design. Livsdal is a state-of-the-art air purifier. Sophisticated design has been paired with high-end technology used in nuclear power and health-care industries. By improving the quality of air in your bedroom, you can rest better and healthier. Clean air has been linked to better concentration and improved performance. Quiet and environmentally sound, Livsdal brings design and health to its customers. Number of Staff 3

Chamber Representative

  • Andreas Murray

    Founder and product architect

  • Tobias Murray

    Founder and CEO