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Company Presentation

You-så-fin is the Swedish pronunciation of Josefin, the namesake of the brand. “Så fin”means“so beautiful” in Swedish, and it reflects the pursuit of sophisticated beauty by Josefin C. The mark of Josefin C. was inspired by a gift Josefin's mother had received from her grandmother, a four leaf clover brooch. The original brooch is a token of a personal childhood memory and a blessing of luck, which Josefin wishes to extend to her customers through her pieces. While living in the hustle of Hong Kong, the founder Josefin attended many work and social events. She needed a go-to clutch to carry her essentials in style, so she started to design her perfect bag back home in Sweden. It eventually led to the searching of fine leather in Italy, and ultimately the creation of "The Luck Box".

Chamber Representative

  • Josefin Cheung