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Josefin C

Josefin C. is a celebration of the warmth often present when surrounded by good company and great champagne. The brand embodies Josefin’s modern and energetic character, and is designed for those who enjoy a refreshing approach to handbags which are versatile for daytime or evening.

You-så-fin is the Swedish pronunciation of Josefin, the namesake of the brand. ”Så fin” means ”so beautiful” in Swedish, and it reflects the pursuit of sophisticated beauty by Josefin C.

Adorning every piece is the four-leaf clover emblem formed by intertwining hearts. It symbolises blessings of Love, Happiness, Hope and Luck that Josefin created her brand with, and is now signified through her creations.

A contemporary luxe brand with a modern approach; Josefin C. is a representation of the founder’s love for tasteful and quality products. Inspired by Josefin’s Swedish upbringing—where the philosophy ‘less is more’ holds true—her belief of limited luxury over excess is reflected in the design


Chamber Representative:

Josefin Cheung





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