Swedcham 2018 “Say No to Plastic Waste” New Year´s Resolution 

The Issue:

The world produces more than 300 million tons of plastic every year, including billions of plastic bottles and five billion plastic bags. In Hong Kong alone, we throw away approximately 200 tons of plastic bottles every day!

Since plastic does not decompose, and is for the most part not recycled, it needs to go somewhere. Sadly, huge amounts of plastic end up littering our landscape and our oceans. Natural beauty is being ruined, plastic is entering our own food chain, and entire ecosystems are threatened.

SwedCham is through its Sustainability Committee shining a light on this issue. We have screened the award-winning movie Plastic Ocean, and are working with stakeholders, ranging from government to NGO’s, to support the development of an action plan for Hong Kong.

Although we are expecting government and producers of plastic products to step up and shoulder their responsibility, we firmly believe that all of us, as consumers, need to help with reducing plastic waste at source. SwedCham is therefore reaching out to its members with a challenge!

The Challenge:

SwedCham is challenging its members to make a “Say No to Plastic Waste” resolution for 2018. If you respond in the affirmative to the following statement, then you are ready to accept the challenge:

Starting in 2018, we will not offer water or other beverages in disposable plastic bottles or cups in our Hong Kong workplace.

By notifying SwedCham that you are accepting the “Say No to Plastic Waste” challenge, you authorize SwedCham to list your company as participant in the “Say No to Plastic Waste” challenge on the SwedCham website and in SwedCham publications.

We are hopeful that a high participation rate among SwedCham members can lead to other chambers of commerce and business organization in Hong Kong accepting the challenge as well!

Accept the challenge by sending an email to Chamber@swedcham.com.hk

Companies that have already accepted the challenge: 


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