SwedCham Plastic Waste Project/Position Paper

In 2017, the Sustainability Committee of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce started a project aimed at understanding and improving the situation in Hong Kong with regard to plastic waste. The project was motivated by a sense that all of us as residents and businesspeople in Hong Kong can do more to keep our city greener. Simple statistics, such as the 5.2 million plastic bottles discarded every day by Hong Kongers (that is almost 2 billion bottles per year!), illustrate the seriousness of the situation. As the committee dug deeper, it soon became apparent that this is a major global issue where Hong Kong plays a not insignificant role.

During the period October, 2017 – January, 2018, SwedCham organized several informal roundtable discussions with a cross-section of stakeholders who have the power to drive change within the area of plastic waste. Participants included representatives of the Hong Kong government, NGOs, the beverage industry, the recycling industry, academics, as well as sustainability professionals from several global companies. At one of these gatherings, SwedCham organized a screening of the film “A Plastic Ocean” (directed by Hong Kong-based film maker Craig Leeson).

At the end of 2017, and again in early February with the Chinese New Year approaching, SwedCham challenged its members to make a resolution for 2018 / The Year of the Dog, to implement a work environment free of single-use plastic products, specifically single-use plastic drinking cups and bottles. We are extremely happy to announce that to date, 50% of our corporate members have accepted the challenge).

Having spent significant time and effort building its own knowledge base, SwedCham’s Sustainability Committee is now publishing a Position Paper, which sets out SwedCham’s suggestions for how Hong Kong can address the plastic waste issue.

SwedCham would hereby like to issue a friendly challenge to its fellow international chambers of commerce in Hong Kong to go out to their respective members with plastic waste challenges.

SwedCham is also looking forward to working with the Hong Kong government, concerned industries, NGOs, and other chambers of commerce on the suggestions outlined in our position paper.

No time (or plastic) to waste!

Eva Karlberg
General Manager SwedCham

Kristian Odebjer
Chairman SwedCham

Alexander Mastrovito
Head SwedCham Sustainability Committee



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