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Company Presentation

To simply survive in today’s fast-changing environment is a success. Shorter product cycles make it impossible to survive without continually developing products and services, and enhancing teamwork. We believe that a company’s success depends on engaged and skilled teamwork – staff working together with the right attitude and the appropriate supportive methods and tools.We offer a range of services such as: Analysis and investigations When we carry out an analysis, we undertake a comprehensive overview of the technology, design transfer, organisations and logistics, among other factors, to get to the bottom of any problems. We can also oversee managing the implementation of actions to correct them Management When it comes to project management, we can support you with, project management, general management, R&D, project audits, investigations, process development, training, education and mentorship, implementation of tools and methods, as well as risk management, among other areas. Supplier management and development We conduct Supplier verification, Quality systems audit, Code of Conduct Audit (assessing worker safety, the work environment etc), Quality control, Product audits and Supplier development where we can support you in the development of your suppliers. Everything from an investigation of the current status to the implementation of new SOPs and education of the personnel. Education We can take care of all your training needs, including tailor-made specific training sessions for the various personnel divisions in your company. Topics can include, ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO13471, ISO14001, ISO27001, audit, supplier assessment, LEAN, 6S, risk and project management. We have also a popular concept for DFA/DFM (design for assembly/manufacturing), in which we work together with a project group or line organisation on a real case in your company and train employees in the appropriate methods required. Operations Operations excellence applies to many areas. We can train your employees to implement LEAN and 6S methods. We can support you with supplier assessments and evaluations, process development of ISO-standard quality management systems, setting up key performance indicators (KPIs), manufacturing quality control, internal and external audits, and design programmes for the transfer of your existing operations and products to Asia. Outsourcing Medical device developers often transfer their product designs to an in-house production facility. There is a growing trend, however, to transfer them to an outside contract manufacturer.

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  • Peter Thelin

    Senior Partner