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Company Presentation

Emerse Labs is the online compass use AI and machine learning to help clients making the right decisions in their online marketing & strategy. Emerse Labs is the platform for dynamic/ML-based A/B-testing of ad creatives.The platform provides detailed information about for example confidence intervals for conversion rates, CTR etc for different permutations of ads and more. We use AI and machine learning algorithms for reinforcement learning explore/exploit data collected for the different ad variants. The system works with all DSPs as well as with for example direct media buying as long as you can place an ad tag for the placement. You create experiments yourself directly in the platform but we can also provide support and services to assist you as needed. There are no CPM charges. Variants for text, images and more are added in for example HTML5 format with any variables you need. Ad versions can be started and paused directly in the platform. The system is easy to use and very effective in helping you identify the best performing version of an ad.

Chamber Representative

  • Sofia Rydberg

    Regional Director