The Swedish Ice Hockey Association



Tjurhornsgränd 6, Box 5204, Johanneshov

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Company Presentation

Education, Management, Consultation, Culture Exchange, Sport Tourism Background Since 1922 The Swedish Ice Hockey Association (SIHA) has been organizing and developing ice hockey, at all levels. As one of the big nations within the ice hockey world, the SIHA has a responsibility and history of helping other countries in evolving the great sport of ice hockey. The 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Beijing, China. Until and after 2022, China will invest great in Winter sports and especially in ice hockey. The mission of SIHA in Hong Kong and the great region of Asia is to share our views of how we develop ice hockey and implement the Swedish model with a touch of the current situation and local culture. The SIHA offers education and consultation to players, coaches, officials, and management, to the local hockey community, clubs, organizations, and federations. In Hong Kong the SIHA will work with local partner Hong Kong Academy of Ice Hockey. In a greater perspective we will connect Sweden-Hong Kong, Sweden-China. Exchange programs will be one cornerstones in the collaboration, where the youth of Hong Kong and China will get the chance to interact and learn from Swedish players, coaches, officials, and our culture in general.

Chamber Representative

  • Joel Hansson

    Project Manager