Clas Ohlson



Clas Ohlson AB (publ), 793 85 Insjön, Sweden

Phone:+46 24744400


Company Presentation

Clas Ohlson is a Swedish home improvement chain and mail-order firm that specialises in hardware, home, leisure, electrical and multimedia products. It is one of the biggest of its type in Scandinavia, with more than 230 Clas Ohlson stores as of May 2020.[2] Stores also exist in Norway and Finland plus online presence in the United Kingdom and Germany through Amazon. Many of the products sold in the stores are own-label items. The company uses the house brands of Asaklitt (luggage and travel ware), Capere (bathroom supplies), Cocraft (DIY tools), Cotech (electrical tools), Coline (household electrical items), Exibel (household electrical items) and Clas Ohlson (all departments).

Chamber Representative

  • Olga Koynova

    Sourcing manager