Leva Counselling Ltd.



The Hive, 5 Tai Mong Tsai Road
Sai Kung
Hong Kong

Phone:+852 61112805


Company Presentation

Leva Counselling Ltd works in partnership with individuals and corporations in improving the psychological wellbeing of their employees. The main focus is on stress and anxiety management, improving self-esteem and developing interpersonal skills. Bespoke corporate counselling programmes aims to empower and engage employees in any of the following key areas: 1. Prevention of ill health, such as burnout and negative stress, through building self-esteem, stress resilience, and reducing work related anxiety, e.g. performance or social. 2. Development of soft skills and personal awareness to enhance motivation and output in the workplace. 3. Support of employees as they are going through organisational changes or other personally challenging times. This frequently leads to - reduced absenteeism, preseenteism and burnout. - Unleashes the potential and facilitates employees personal growth. - Expedites career development, engagement and retention of valuable staff. - Empowers and engages employees to deliver their best, maintaining sustainable business.

Chamber Representative

  • Malin Rignéus

    BSc Psychology, Msc, MCouns.