Company Presentation

There is a growing health trend today and it has never been more popular to participate in races. In Sweden alone 1million people are participating in races such as running, biking and skiing. In Europe and the US there are a total of 60 million race starts and in in ten years the market has doubled. So a lot of people are racing - but what about the spectators? There has been more or less no change in the way spectators are following a race during the last decade. All focus has been on the athlete - but this changes now. RaceONE was founded with the idea to make races involving and exciting for the spectators and followers at home, not only the racers. We use the GPS in the participants smartphone as a tool for sending the gps signal directly to followers, allowing them to follow the race LIVE. The focus with RaceONE lies on a new experience of races that involves and includes followers and organizers as well as participants. We can handle any type of race following a course, but are initially focusing on running and cycling.

Chamber Representative

  • Tomas Andre