The Chamber works through the following standing committees:

Creative Swedes

Chair: Pontus Karlsson, Happy Rabbit Limited 

In November 2014, ‘Creative Swedes Hong Kong’ was launched as a platform to increase and improve networking and cooperation among creative Swedish entrepreneurs and designers. Creative Swedes Hong Kong is linked to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and fills an important gap between established corporate members and young professionals members.

Committe members:

Katarina Ivarsson (Boris Design)
Anders Hellberg (Boris Design)

Editorial CommitteeeditorialSPLASH4

Chair: Per Ågren, Regional Director, Business Development, APC Logistics

This Committee is responsible for the quarterly magazine, Dragon News, produced together with the Editorial Committee of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in China, and printed in 3,000 copies. Dragon News aims to be a business-oriented reference publication, with a high-quality magazine style, offering reading values for members of the Swedish Chambers and others in need of an alternative and updated picture of China from sources continuously present here.

Committe members:

Ulf Ohrling (Mannheimer Swartling)
Kristian Odebjer (Advokatfirman Odebjer Fohlin)
Jan Hokerberg (Bamboo Business Communications)
Peter Thelin (Today Group)
Johan Persson (C’monde Studios)
Eva Karlberg (SwedCham)


Sustainability Committee

Chair: Alexander Mastrovito, Scania

SwedCham has for many years worked actively with environmental protection issues. Numerous members – individuals and corporations – are committed to improving the environment in Hong Kong and beyond. SwedCham has also successfully lobbied the Hong Kong government in various environmental policy issues.

Activities in SwedCham’s Environmental Committee fall into several different categories:
– organizing events such as chamber breakfasts or lunches with environmental experts as guest speakers
– lobbying the Hong Kong government in environmental matters
– arranging visits to companies and organizations who are leaders in the environmental sector
– organizing member activities with an environmental focus

For further information about how you as a member can contribute to the Environmental Committee, please contact SwedCham at

Committe members:

Kristian Odebjer (Advokatfirman OdebjerFohlin)
Karine Hirn (East Capital)
Stefan Holmqvist (Norman Global Logistics)
Anders Bergkvist (Stora Enso), CHAIR
Sherman Chong (Individual member)
Hanna Hallin (H&M)
Jens Helmersson (QuizRR)
Cheryl Hall (Nilorn)
Magdalena Ranagården (Bluewater Group)
Lisa Boldt Christmas (Individual member)
Erik Moberg (Stadium HK LTD)
Jonathan Chrompton (Individual member)


Sources for further information about environmental issues in Hong Kong:


The Environmental Protection Department


The Civic Exchange
Clean Air Network
Clear the Air
Designing Hong Kong
Hong Kong Business Coalition on the Environment (BCE)




Events Committee

Chair: Jimmy Bjennmyr, Handelsbanken AB (publ)

This committee is responsible for the Chamber activities. There is also a sub committee in the China Reference Group.

Committee members:

Ove Joraas (PCB Vision)
Cyril Fung (Cyril Fung & Associates)
Calle Krokstäde (DORO)
Jenny Myrberg (Individual member)
John Barclay (Primasia Corporate Services)
Magdalena Ranagården (Bluewater)
Karin Brock (Daniel Wellington)
Casper Oldén (Antique Scandinavia)
Rebecca Netteryd, Daniel Hartman and Eva Karlberg (SwedCham)




Finance Committee

Treasurer: Anders Bergkvist, Stora Enso

The Committee’s main objective is to advise the Chamber on financial matters.




Marketing Committeweb

Chair: Patrik Lindvall, The Dairy Farm Company Ltd – IKEA

The Marketing Committee endeavors to ensure activities, members and opportunities at SwedCham are well communicated to all interested audiences. This is a lively team of outgoing professionals interested in all aspects of communication, public relations, advertising and social media.

Committee members:

Lisa Boldt-Christmas (Individual Member)
Katarina Ivarsson (Boris Design Studio)
Anders Hellberg (Boris Design Studio)
Johan Olausson (Bamboo Business Communications)
Pontus Karlsson (Happy Rabbit)
Linda Karlsson (Happy Rabbit)
Johan Persson (C’Monde)
Ingrid Reinli (Boris Design Studio & IMIX Adr)
Eva Karlberg, Rebecca Netteryd and Daniel Hartman (SwedCham)






Membership Committee

Chair: Karin Brock, Daniel Wellington 

This committee is responsible for the Membership Directory. The Committee aims at increasing the membership of the SCC by actively creating more awareness of the Chamber activities, as well as presenting the Chamber and its objectives and activities to authorities, organisations and the public in general.

Committee members:

Anders Bragée (Handelsbanken)
Katarina Ivarsson (Boris Design)
Caroline Ergetie (House Hunters)
Ulf Sundberg (SEB)                                       
Fredrik Nyberg (MIQ Logistics)
Rebecca Netteryd and Eva Karlberg (SwedCham)





Young Professionals Committee

This committee for young professionals with Swedish connections works separately from the Chamber office and prepare their own program of activities.

Do you want to get involved in Committee work? Please contact us or the respective Committee’s Chair.

Committee members:
Rebecca Netteryd
Sofia Wigholm
Klaus Björkgren
Josefin Cheung
Jenny Zeng
Daniel Hartman


Upcoming Events from the Chamber

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