Diaverum (Hong Kong) Limited



Floor 9, unit #923 Central Building 1 Pedder Street Central

Hong Kong

Phone:+852 54144101

Company Presentation

Diaverum is a healthcare service provider specializing in chronic diseases, with a strong focus on renal care, i.e. chronic kidney disease. Depending on the market requirements and regulations we provide a wide range of medical services such as preventive care, dialysis, vascular access surgery, renal/pancreatic organ transplantations, and treatment of some comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Diaverum’s vision is to become First Choice in Renal Care, and we invest a lot in providing the highest medical service and patient satisfaction through our competent, passionate and inspiring medical staff. We operate our kidney centers either on a standalone basis, or as an integrated part of larger hospitals, often on long-term contracts with the national/regional/local healthcare authorities. Background Diaverum became a fully independent company 2007, when it was sold by Gambro to a British private equity firm called Bridgepoint. Thereafter the company has grown very rapidly through acquisitions of clinics and smaller clinic chains, and new market entries of Germany, Chile, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Brazil, and currently China. Today we operate some 370 clinics in 20 countries, and have around 11,000 staff. The Middle East & Asia is the fastest growing region, with Saudi Arabia having become the largest market globally in terms of number of clinics and patients. Senior Management Mans Olsson, Senior Vice President, Head of Middle East & Asia

Chamber Representative

  • Måns Olsson