Chair: Katarina Ivarsson, Already Tomorrow

The Innovation & Technology Committee is building on Sweden's global reputation as a leading, innovative technology center. It is an excellent platform for members to learn more about the latest trends, organize events and other targeted events. (New Fall 2022)

For further information about how you as a member can contribute to the Innovation & Technology Committee, please contact SwedCham at

Committee members:

  • Co-chair: Patrik Ågren (OSM Group)
  • Adrian Worth (IKEA)
  • Fredrik Kragh Myllenberg (H&M Group)
  • KC Lam (Invest HK)
  • Ulf Carlsson (Nasdaq)
  • Luis Cepeda (Electrolux)
  • Cedric Vanhaver (Ericsson)
  • Stefan Holmqvist (Norman Global Logistics)
  • Clément Raimbault (Scania)
  • Linda Karlsson (Happy Rabbit)
  • Jovan Trajceski (H&M Group)
  • Pontus Karlsson (Happy Rabbit)
  • Joseph Fridner (Already Tomorrow)
  • Richard Sädbom
  • Janice Lee (Deloitte)
  • Jason Yung (F-Stem)
  • Dennis Ly (Cryptonite Capital)
  • Carl Björk (OK Trade)
  • Michelle Brits (Bolon)
  • Carl-Christian Malm (CEED)
  • Viktor Arthuis (Business Sweden)