Chair: Torbjörn Magnusson, HL Display

The SwedCham Sustainability Committee support the Chamber and its members in interaction with the government and has a strong track record of successfully working with Hong Kong’s policy makers for a more sustainable society.  Numerous SwedCham members are committed to take a leadership role in adopting sustainable business practices in Hong Kong and beyond. The Sustainability Committee serves as a platform to further support and enhance that ambition. The Committee also organise study visits, host seminars and promote other events.

The Sustainability committee also writes articles on topics related to sustainability. We have gathered the recent work from the committee here.

For further information about how you as a member can contribute to the Sustainability Committee, please contact SwedCham at

Committee members:

  • Torbjörn Magnusson (HL Display)
  • Kristian Odebjer (Odebjer Fohlin Advokatbyrå)
  • Karine Hirn (East Capital)
  • Kelvin Lau (Individual Member)
  • Jonathan Crompton (Individual Member)
  • Caroline Briggert (Hop Lun)
  • Anders P. Hellberg (Manyone)
  • Linda Wang (IKEA)
  • Ida Diesfeldt (Student Member)
  • Emmanuel Jupet (Volvo Buses)
  • Malin Lundahl (H&M Group (COS))
  • Elsa Castensson (Student Member)
  • Josefine Jung (Diginex)
  • Douglas Aitken (Micro-Pak Limited)
  • Gunnar Mansfeld (Norebo)
  • Linda Bradley (Business Sweden)
  • Joakim Ladeborn (Consulate General of Sweden)
  • Philip O. Peñaloza (Individual member)