Moving to Hong Kong, the easiest way to find accommodation is to use one of Hong Kong's real estate agents. Both the renter and the landlord pay for the agent’s services. Most leases are signed for 2 years with the right to terminate after 12 months.

Expatriate housing in Hong Kong generally falls into one of two categories: High-rise apartment blocks and low-rise townhouses. Single-family, detached housing that is common in the US and Western Europe is scarce. Generally, expat apartments range from 80 to 260 square meters. There are as well a wide selection of Service Apartments available and many young professionals new to the city prefer flat sharing options.

While the convenience of living in a central area attracts many newly arrived residents, so does the ability to live in relaxed environments close to nature. Largely due to the efficient and modern transport infrastructure of Hong Kong, living in the city often offers the ability to balance the two, as frequent connections with Mass Transit Railway (MTR) and Bus Services allows efficient ways of commuting between different areas of the city.

When relocating to Hong Kong, a key decision to be made is whether you should transport much of your furniture and belongings to your new home or not. Moving to Hong Kong enables both options, as overseas transportation is a service commonly offered by companies specialized in international relocations for individuals and families. Meanwhile, new furniture of all price classes can also be found in any of the city’s major warehouses, as well as on both websites and social media platforms used for second-hand retailing.