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QuizRR helps global buyers to manage risk, help suppliers to generate business and in the process train millions of workers on their rights and responsibilities Factories in developing markets often lack tools to secure functioning systems for workplace health, safety and dialogue and struggle to meet increasing demands on compliance. Employees in factories producing for global companies are often not aware of their employment rights and responsibilities. This is a risk, not only for the person working in the factory but for factory owners, companies sourcing there and for countries involved in global trade. QuizRR's goals are decent working conditions and safe workplaces for all employees in global supply chains. QuizRR is a fun, scalable educational tool and knowledge platform for suppliers and global buyers that introduces measurability and transparency into the global supply chain. With QuizRR the supplier can perform trainings at any time and level, measure and share results and make sure that all their employees know their rights and responsibilities. Increased knowledge is a shared value for all stakeholders in the process that can lead to stability, sustainable production and long-term relations. Background QuizRR AB Swedish company, founded 2013 in by Sofie Nordström and Jens Helmersson, with international experience in global production, sourcing, buying, CSR and training on the ground in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Turkey. With local presence in Stockholm, Bangladesh, China and Hong Kong, QuizRR is a rapidly expanding company with a diverse and global team from Sweden, China, Bangladesh. QuizRR's products and services developed in collaboration with global brands and their suppliers and other stakeholders. QuizRR is supporting over 40 brands with their sustainability work in more than 140 factories in China, Bangladesh and Mauritius. Number of Staff 18

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