Regin Controls Hong Kong Ltd



Room 2901, EW International Tower, 120 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan NT
Hong Kong

phone:+852 24070281

Company Presentation

Purchase, Sales and Logistic Center for Pacific Asia

We take building automation personally.
Headquartered in Sweden, Regin provides customers and partners with the best ways to save energy and create indoor comfort in more than 90 countries worldwide. Through customer-driven product development Regin has developed a complete product program from control valves and field products to some of the most sophisticated solutions available within building automation. In close cooperation with installers, system integrators and OEM clients we create easy and sustainable solutions. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to give you first-class support and guidance. Our partners' reference projects can be found worldwide.
The company has sales offices around the world, one of which is situated in Hong Kong. This strong local presence provides our customers with first class service and support.
Our functions in Hong Kong is sales, purchase, project and technical support, warehouse and logistics and from this office we serve the North East Asia region.

Senior Management
Leif Brattschold – CEO
Johan Ohlsson – COO

Chamber Representative

  • Henric Fong