Feet on the Ground Ltd



Ann Garden #2 Shouson Hill Road 29 Shouson Hill

Hong Kong

Phone:+852 67156746

Company Presentation

Feet on the ground Ltd is a consultancy firm offering services for business development, project management and business analytics. With a solid experience as CEO, business advisor and international project manager the owner and founder, Anders Carlberg, is supporting Scandinavian companies in need of on-site support. Feet on the ground is driven by the desire to meet people from different cultures and the joy of solving problems. By the physical presence in Hong Kong, Feet on the ground Ltd, moves the linguistic and cultural interface from phone- or web meetings to meetings face to face. Misunderstandings can be resolved, and the state of things can be controlled in real life. Feet on the ground Ltd is also exploring the business opportunities that Hong Kong offers. The company is a representative of SmartInovation, a Portuguese company specializing in nanotechnology. Feet on the ground Ltd is constantly looking out for new opportunities and are seeking new partnerships.

Chamber Representative

  • Anders Carlberg