Sustainability Committee

Chair: Alexander Mastrovito, Scania

SwedCham has for many years worked actively with environmental protection. Now the scope has broadened in response to the numerous sustainability challenges we face today. Numerous members – individuals and corporations – are committed to take a leadership role in adopting sustainable business practices in Hong Kong and beyond. The SwedCham Sustainability Committee serves as a platform to further support and enhance that ambition. SwedCham has a strong track record of successfully working with Hong Kong’s policy makers for a more sustainable society.

Activities in SwedCham’s Sustainability Committee fall into several different categories:

  • organizing events such as chamber breakfasts or lunches with sustainability experts
  • lobbying for more sustainable business practices in Hong Kong and beyond
  • engaging the business community in Hong Kong to be proactive in the change towards a more sustainable society
  • arranging visits to companies and organizations who are leaders in sustainability
  • organizing member activities with a sustainability focus

The Sustainability committee also writes articles on topics related to sustainability. We have gathered the recent work from the committee here.

For further information about how you as a member can contribute to the Sustainability Committee, please contact SwedCham at

Committee members:

  • Michael Andersson (Indiviual member)

  • Jonathan Crompton (RPC)

  • Karine Hirn (East Capital)

  • Stefan Holmqvist (Norman Global Logistics)

  • Jesper Lindquist (Kajepe)

  • Viggo Ljungqvist (BlueWater)

  • Erik Moberg (Stadium)

  • Kristian Odebjer (Advokatfirman OdebjerFohlin)

  • Camilla Porling (Individual member)

  • Kelvin KK Lau (Individual Member)

  • Björn Wahlström (Current Consulting Group)

  • Torbjörn Magnusson (HL Display)

  • Anna Zhan (Business Sweden)

  • Anders Hellberg (Manyone)

  • Caroline Briggert (Hop Lun)

  • Carl-Christian Malm (Individual Member)

  • Linda Wang (IKEA)

  • Adrian Worth (IKEA)

  • Emanuel Jupet (Volvo)

  • Malin Lundahl (H&M)

  • Jennifer Ren Liu and Gustav Ridell (SwedCham)