Welcome to The Academy, by SwedCham HK. Here we will offer a variety of courses and classes - within many different topics. The Academy is open to everyone but as a SwedCham member, you can attend all courses for a discounted price. Please contact chamber@swedcham.com.hk if you have any questions

SWEDISH COURSE - Beginners Level


Course start

7th of April

MANDARIN COURSE - Beginners level


(10 weeks)                                               READ MORE HERE

Course start

8th of April

2 September 2021


LEARN MAHJONG - Beginners level

(1 evening)                                               READ MORE HERE

Course start
1 May 2021

DESIGN THINKING COURSE – Create innovative solutions

(2 HALF-DAY COURSE)                            READ MORE HERE

Spring: May 18 and May 19 

Autumn: Nov 30 and Dec 1 

AMAZON – how to sell products on the World's Largest B2C Marketplace!

(HALF-DAY COURSE)                             READ MORE HERE

29 April 2021

22 October 2021

SPONSORSHIP – Marketing with 3 winners!

(HALF-DAY COURSE)                            READ MORE HERE

15 May 2021

15 October 2021

CANTONESE COURSE - 5-day Survival Cantonese Beginners Level

(5 weeks)                                                  READ MORE HERE

(5 weeks)                                                  READ MORE HERE

Course start

26 May 2021

15 July 2021


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