This course will teach companies and individuals how to start selling physical products on Amazon.  Amazon, the World’s largest marketplace grossed nearly 400 billion USD in sales in 2020, an increase of nearly 40% from the previous year. While growth and expansion are bound to continue the big question is really, can you afford to stay away?

Many companies have tried and failed, leaving the platform saying that it’s too complicated, not worth the time or the money (sure, the risk of failure is big if you don’t know how to do it). This half-day course will focus on how to get you approved, how to present your products, and how to get sales.

During the course you will learn more about:

  • What to expect from Amazon in 2021
  • What do consumers buy on amazon? What products to sell?
  • How to get your account approved
  • Research and creativity. How to list, attract and convert customers
  • What sales to expect from amazon (We look into the biggest markets/countries)
  • How to manage amazon as a sales channel. Should I hire or work with an agency? Pros and cons.



Member price: HKD 750           Non-member price: HKD 1.500



This course will be offered on two different occasions:

  • April 29 - 14.30 - 17.30
  • October 22- 14.30-17.30

The course will be held in Hong Kong (venue to be confirmed) but anyone who wishes to attend online can do this.



This course is held by Peter Luxenburg from Frost Limited. Peter has been working with Amazon and online sales for many years and he is today working as a consultant and also hosting various online forums where Amazon is discussed.



Feel free to contact us with any questions

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