Svenska Kyrkan Hong Kong/Kina



c/o Mariners' Club, 2 Container Port Rd, Kwai Chung Visits: Mariners’ Club Drop in Center, Wing On Plaza, Office Tower Room 705 62 Mody road, TST East

Hong Kong



Company Presentation

Church of Sweden abroad in Hong Kong /China has a priest and an assistant placed in Hong Kong. We do regularly visits to Shanghai, Beijing and Taipei to meet Swedish people, celebrate worship, baptize children, have confirmand groups, provide councelling and diaconal care. The Swedish Church has congregations in just over 40 places around the world. If we count all places that Swedish priests regularly visit, its more than 150 places in the world. The Swedish Church has followed Swedish sailors and travelers into the world for over 400 years. Whether we are traveling, studying, working or living abroad, we all sometimes need a fixed point in life where we feel at home and can speak Swedish. The Swedish Church abroad is a place where you can meet new friends and experience community and security, but also, not least important, share grief and get support in difficult times. The congregations abroad work in the same way as a church in Sweden. The whorship service is at the center and the care of fellow humans is an important part of the work. Staff and volunteers visit Swedes in hospitals, aboard boats and in prisons. The Swedish Church abroad also has an important task to fill through its special competence to help victims and relatives, in the event of accidents and disasters that affect Swedes abroad.

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