BabyBjörn Limited



Suite 1626, 16 Floor, Ocean Center, Harbour City

Hong Kong

Phone:+852 31840616

Company profile

BabyBjörn is a Swedish family-owned company that manufactures safe and welldesigned, quality products for babies and parents worldwide. We are passionate about simplifying everyday life, nurturing closeness, and helping families with young children to enjoy each precious moment.

Products & Services

BabyBjörn’s mission is to develop good, functional and safe products for young children. The products are designed to support children as they develop, from birth to the age of three. Our products have a pure, classic yet contemporary design, with no unnecessary details. They are also soft with a child-friendly shape. Good design will always be about balance between functionality and visual appeal. Our products are timeless and equally appealing to mums, dads and children.