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Room 1502, 15/F Ovest, 71-77 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Phone:+852 39606442

Company profile

Current Consulting Group is an independent consulting firm, specializing in operational and organizational resilience and risk mitigation in Asia. We are headquartered in Hong Kong, with operational offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and New York.

Products & Services

All business ventures carry risk, and unfortunately, conflicts and losses are common. It is sometimes hard to make accurate assessments of potential and ongoing business relationships, and it’s increasingly important to safeguard your supply chain, your assets, and your brand. The key to being successful in China and most other Asian countries is to properly assess potential risks and cultivate resilience in people, operations, and systems. At Current Consulting Group we are proud to have built in-house expertise in Business Intelligence and Resilience and the quality of everything we do rests on the exceptional expertise of our practitioners. Our dedicated team has in-depth experience in all areas of risk solutions and has helped several Fortune 500 companies with risk identification and treatment. Our Business Intelligence services include Due Diligence, Asset Recovery, Asset Protection, Crisis Management, Brand Protection, and Litigation support.