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Unit 236, Core Building 1, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, New Territories

Hong Kong

Phone:+852 27302777

Company Presentation

At Doro, we are dedicated to helping seniors live a better life. We care about the seniors – they are our heroes. Everyone should have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, without compromises. We want to make ageing an independent, secure and rich part of life. To us, age is just a number. So much of our lives today takes place on mobile phones and the internet. It’s where we communicate with each other and interact with the outside world. We’d like everyone to be able to take part. That’s why we develop easy-to-use services and products that make it simpler for seniors to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as be active members of society – despite the challenges that can come with age. We also provide services and products that make it possible to live independently for a longer time, even for seniors with more needs. For example, smart cloud solutions that read sensors and sound automatic alarms if something happens, or alarm centres that answer calls made via the assistance button on the phone. The Doro Hong Kong Office was established in 1998, and is today working primarily with partners and suppliers in Far East Asia. Hong Kong gives us a good location from which to access our partners and supplier base of today and tomorrow. Senior Management Calle Krokstäde, Managing Director Major Shareholders Doro AB Number of Staff 18

Chamber Representative

  • Calle Krokstäde

    Managing Director