Envac Far East Ltd



Unit 508, 5th Floor, Building 12W, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, Shatin, New Territories

Hong Kong

Phone:+852 28698838

Company profile

Envac Far East Ltd is a subsidiary of Envac AB in Sweden, the inventor and leading supplier of Automated Refuse Collection Systems. We have designed systems for well over 50 years and have today some 700 systems in operation around the world handling refuse from housing and industrial estates, shopping areas, hospitals, air-ports, hotels etc. Our most recent projects in Hong Kong are the Kai Tak Government Office Building and Adventist Hospital. Envac systems are also being implemented extensively in China and other Asian countries like Korea and Singapore.

Products & Services

We design, build and operate automated systems using air to transport refuse through pipes from individual buildings to a central collection plant. This creates a clean and safe living environment and leaves more space for parks and play-grounds or other purposes.