EWES Asia Pacific Ltd.



Lundavägen 53, 330 10, BredarydSweden

Phone:+86 13580817200

Company profile

In 1935, the metal worker Einar Svensson and his wife Irma needed to find an addi-tional income and therefore chose to start producing metal springs and wires. This was the origin of Ewes Group. Ewes Asia Pacific HK Ltd. was then founded in 2006 as a subsidiary to Ewes Group. Many of our customers are multinational and prefer regional supply of services and parts, contrary to shipping over long distances. Hence, Ewes Group is a partner supplying northern and eastern Europe as well as the Asia Pacific region through production in Sweden, Bosnia, Serbia, and PRC (SH and DG area).

Products & Services

We aim to serve our regional Asia Pacific customers with sales & engineering, pro-duction, and part assembly. We have a dedicated sales staff and team of spring technicians who work with the customer to find a solution that optimizes function, safety and quality. We supply all from prototypes to serial production as well as as-sembled parts. Our core products are steel springs in round wire and strip steel, bag cages, rigid mast and spiral emitting electrodes. Springs move the World.