Port of Gothenburg



Port of Gothenburg, Göteborg, SWEDEN


Phone:+46 313687500

Company profile

The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in Scandinavia with traffic to all important markets around the world. We are a full-service port, constantly developing to meet the demands of the future. Fossil-free transport and one of the world’s leading rail transport solutions are important steps towards our vision to be the world’s most competitive port. We are a guarantee for the business sector’s access to the world. We have been so for 400 years, and will be so in the coming 400 years.

Products & Services

We focus on sustainability, innovation and digitalization, striving to be at the forefront in climate-friendly freight flows. With direct traffic to important markets, we can guarantee high-efficiency, durable and reliable transport around the clock, all year round. The approach time from open sea to quayside is just 90 minutes and the Port is ice-free all year round.