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REGG 12 Waterfalls Avenue Old Ardbennie Industrial Harare Zimbabwe

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Company Presentation

Who we are We are grasslands & kopjes, a female-run natural skincare producer straight out of southern Africa. We believe in a sustainable approach to skincare which is not only about producing simple botanical ingredients in their pure form, but also about lifting up the communities we work with and taking care of nature. For thousands of years, the Marula tree has played an important part in the Southern African way of life. Did you know that the nuts of the precious Marula tree are given as gifts of friendship among the peoples of Southern Africa? Well, our Marula oil, which is packed with antioxidants, is our gift of friendship to you (and your skincare routine)! In essence, grasslands & kopjes is a love letter to the veld and it is our hope that you too will fall in love with the vast plains that embrace the setting sun in a dance of red earth and orange skies. How we work Our philosophy comes from the African saying, “patience can cook a stone.” That’s not just because the seeds of the Marula tree from which our silky Marula oil is derived are as hard as stone! Our patient, slow approach to skincare is shown in our efforts in sustainable sourcing and processing. Sourcing Marula trees grow in the wild and the seeds are environmentally harvested by rural communities in Zimbabwe. The iconic Marula tree plays an important role in the rural Zimbabwean economy. Processing All the oils are cold-pressed to ensure the oils retain their natural properties and are free from any fragrances or chemicals. Pure oil, plain and simple! Our Chamber representative Simbi Mandizvidza is a graduate of the University of Hong Kong and Stockholm School of Economics and is passionate about sustainability, skincare and semlor!

Chamber Representative

  • Simbisai Mandizvidza

    Exports Manager