SwedCham member Volvo Cars are thrilled to take a new step towards an all-electric future and wave goodbye to the gasoline engine!

This significant shift reflects their unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and dedication by offering cleaner, smarter, and more efficient transportation options.

Volvo Cars is launching a new fully electric Volvo EX30, designed to have the smallest CO2 footprint, and to make people’s lives safer, convenient and enjoyable through cutting-edge technology and Scandinavian design.

The EX30 embodies the company's design values: a long wheelbase, large wheels and equal overhangs bring balance and refinement to the exterior. It is distinctly electric, with a confident face, closed shield and a digital rendition of the Thor’s Hammer headlights. Five vibrant exterior colors are available, from stylish Cloud Blue to bright and expressive Moss Yellow – the latter inspired by lichen growing on rocks along the Swedish west coast – give it character and personality.

The future is electric. Together, let's drive the change!

Learn more about EX30 here!

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