"3+4" scheme introduced for inbound travellers

As reported by local media, The HKSAR Government recently held a held a press conference regarding easings on requirements for inbound travel, where several adjustments to the current policies were announced. 

While the current rules imposed require travellers to spend seven nights at a designated quarantine hotel, the updated restrictions (in place from Friday 12th of August) shortens the mandatory hotel quarantine time to three nights. Upon finalizing the mandatory hotel quarantine, travellers must then undergo four nights of “home medical surveillance”. During this period, that can either be served at home or in a non-quarantine hotel, the travellers are allowed to leave home, but can not visit places that require using the “Leave Home Safe” app. Such venues includes restaurants and bars. However, if travellers test negative daily through Rapid Antigen Test during the four days, they are also allowed to use public transport, attend work and visit shopping centres.

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