SwedCham China’s Young Professional Award winner Michelle Qin, head of H&M’s online marketing in China and its Tmall platform, writes about her upbringing in Sweden and her early interest in technology and fashion.

It is Tuesday, five minutes to midnight on 20 March 2018, and we are about to launch H&M on Tmall. I find myself slightly nervous, which doesn’t happen that often, but I try to stay calm in front of everyone. This is it –failure is not an option!

My name is Michelle Qin and I was born in China around 30 years ago, but raised in Sweden from the age of one by my Chinese parents.

I believe my upbringing is pretty similar to any overseas Chinese, meaning Sunday Chinese lessons and extra home mathematics schooling. At a young age, I disliked taking the extra lessons and preferred to play with the other kids or to chat online (yes, I was online at quite a young age). At that time, I had no clue what advantages it would bring to me later in life.

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