In the latest round of adjustments to the quarantine measures, the Hong Kong SAR Government will re-categorise the risk grouping of countries and introduce certain arrangements that the international business community has raised concerns about.

- The risk categorization has been simplified: Group A = high risk; Group B = all places outside China which are not in Group A or Group C; Group C = low risk (Australia and New Zealand only at the moment).

- Children under 12 with fully vaccinated parents can self-isolate at home after Day 7: For fully vaccinated travelers (with antibody test from a recognized lab) from Group B and Group C countries, upon completion of the quarantine period, any minors below the age of 12 who travel with them may opt for self-isolation at home until the end of the minors’ quarantine period (21 days for those arriving from Group B places and 14 days for those from Group C places), on condition that all household members of the minors have been fully vaccinated, and that the minors cannot have contact with persons who have not been fully vaccinated. This arrangement will take effect on 9 August.

- Fully vaccinated non-residents from Group B countries may enter Hong Kong, subject to a 14-day quarantine period, with effect from 9 August. From mid-August, they may also take a serology antibody test upon arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport to qualify for a shortened, 7-day quarantine period. Further details about on-arrival antibody testing will be announced later.