Anders Bergkvist of Stora Enso has worked internationally ever since his graduation in the mid-1990s and seen big changes in the paper and pulp industry, where his company’s focus is now on renewable materials.

When Anders Bergkvist was an exchange student in the German city of Cologne in the early 1990s he discovered how fun and interesting it was to live in a country other than Sweden. So when he graduated from Stockholm School of Economics in 1996 with a Master of Science, Business and Economics, his first priority was to move abroad.

He didn’t have to wait long. He was approached by Stora, a Swedish forest industry company that he had been in touch with while working on his thesis. They asked whether he would like to work on risk control for their finance company in Brussels.

“It was a simple decision to say yes,” says Bergkvist, who commenced the job in January 1997. Since then, he has lived abroad for almost 22 years and still works for the same employer, which is now called Stora Enso after a merger in 1999 with the Finnish company Enso Oyj.

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