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Startup insights with the design and communication agency LL Communication

Combining Sweden with Hong Kong should foster a great startup environment. Sweden has a long history of innovation and entrepreneurship and Hong Kong is regarded as a global startup hub. Hong Kong’s proximity to Shenzhen and integration to the Greater Bay Area has facilitated great prerequisites for startups in the city to flourish. SwedCham has several interesting startup members and entrepreneurs with very different backgrounds. We aim to tell their stories and showcase their work. A series of articles under the name Startup Insights will be published on our website. First out is Lena Löfling from LL Communication.

LL Communication offers a range of communication-related services such as Graphic Design, Web design, Branding Strategy, Illustrations and Art Direction. Their clients are mostly Hong Kong-based expats and international companies and organisations such as the Swedish Consulate, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Sverige Shoppen, Flexworks, Today Asia Group among others. They have also collaborated with startups such as JR Accessories, Me & Berg and Green Platters.

We sat down with their founder Lena and she told us her story

“I was a co-owner for a Stockholm based Advertising Agency before coming to Hong Kong. Starting up here felt like a natural step. Hong Kong is a positive environment for startups. Administrative burdens are few and registering a company is not difficult. These past 4 years have been great for me, I have been working with very interesting projects. For example, the Swedish Winter Dinner organised by the Swedish Consulate and SwedCham, where I created the logotype and the visual designs.”

Have you encountered any challenges in doing business in Hong Kong, compared to elsewhere?

”Overall, it is pretty easy working in Hong Kong. However, one challenge I have encountered is to work with local suppliers. Coming from Sweden, where most of the companies have a “we are in this together” perspective. It has been challenging to work with, for example, local print shops. Not that they are not talented or skilled, they are, but their mindset focuses more on following instructions, instead of being creative together.”

What do you find unique about Hong Kong?

”The number of Startups here! It is amazing how many creative people and ideas that exist. Hong Kong has made it very easy for startups to operate. Their tax system is, for example, easy to understand and follow. The great environment gives room for creativity and enables startups to focus less on administrative matters. It is a bit different compared to, for example, in Sweden.”

Before finishing the interview, we asked Lena if she had any advice for new startups or businesses considering setting up in Hong Kong. She emphasized the importance of as a newcomer to ask for help from an accounting firm, even though it is reasonably easy to register a company in Hong Kong.

”This, since you will need a company secretary and help with audit anyway, and they will often offer you a package deal. But be careful who you choose, some are quite expensive. Ask for quotes and recommendations from other startups.”


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