We are so happy to introduce our new colleague Gustav Ridell to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

Gustav was rewarded the International Trade Scholarship from Stipendiefonden för Svensk utlandsungdom and will be staying with us until December. Gustav recently finished his master’s degree in economics at Lund University and has previously studied an exchange semester at the City University of Hong Kong and lived in Jakarta. He is now very excited to have joined us!

Here are three quick questions asked to our new scholar


What is your first impression of Hong Kong?

  • Tall buildings, great food and a busy environment! I have very much missed the vibrant city life and it feels great to move from the small student town of Lund to Hong Kong. Additionally, I have to say that I am very amazed by the beautiful surroundings of the city!


What do you look forward to this coming year?

  • To gain experience from the financial and trade hub of Hong Kong. I aim to conduct an international career in the future and this is a great way to start off! I specifically look forward to collaborating and working closely with Swedish companies. I am sure that my time here will provide me with great knowledge.


What Swedish dish do you think you will miss the most in Hong Kong?

  • As my colleague Fredrik said when he arrived: Home cooked pasta! I love a homemade cream pasta with Swedish mushrooms and ham. However, I very much look forward to a year of Dim sum, roasted goose and egg tarts. When in need, I am sure that I’ll find a great pasta restaurant in Hong Kong too.



Gustav looks forward to meeting all of you very soon at one of our upcoming gatherings!