Despite a world where people hardly can't travel - they can still do business in other markets if they know the right people. In a new initiative, SwedCham will together with member companies create and distribute a business guide on how to expand and later relocate to Hong Kong, even if you can't physically travel yet.

We asked SwedCham's General Manager, Christian Bergensthråle, about the project.

What is the purpose of the "Doing Business in Hong Kong"-initiative?

The purpose of the guide is to provide valuable information to businesses, primarily in Sweden, interested in expanding to Hong Kong. We want to decrease the gap and be the bridge between Sweden and Hong Kong by connecting them to our member companies who can be their hands and feet on the market. It's a way to help our member companies get exposure and hopefully drive business.

What it is and why should the Chamber do this project?

"Doing Business in Hong Kong" is a free business guide that will be distributed through regional Chambers in Sweden and through other relevant organizations. I think it's important for the Chamber to do this for two reasons; the first one being that it could generate interest for the Chamber as well as Hong Kong as a business hub in Asia and the second one being that it provides a unique opportunity to create something together with our member companies, something that brings value to many stakeholders.

Why should companies participate in the guide?

All our members providing various services will be mentioned in the guide without any cost. But we also give the opportunity for member companies to contribute with content or to buy additional exposure. We will use a new online tool so we will be able to include content in new ways, for example, film. It will be an easy way to see the actual result through the data that we can provide. We hope to also print some physical copies and distribute these to relevant partners on the Swedish market.