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The Nordics (Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland) are renowned for their top ranking in the global Indexes such as Innovation, Competitiveness and Happiness, which underscore the uniqueness of the innovative Nordic education. Proudly located in the Top Creative Education Hub building in Happy Valley, Top Creative Education Hub and InNordics have jointly established the first Nordic Education Hub in Hong Kong, with the full support of the consulates and representative offices of the Nordics in Hong Kong and the Nordic Innovation House.

The hub aims at providing Whole-person Nordic Education programs for children aged 3-12. Combined with the adoption of Nordic Ed-tech (Education Technology), the programs are research-based, developed and designed in the Nordics, supported by rigorous research data from world-class scholars. Learning independence, innovation, collaboration, play-to-learn, and global citizenship are shed light to nurture and build the essential 21st century skills.

Click the link to the right/below, and see some pictures from the hub!

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