We all know that 2020 was a tough year in many ways - but as we say in the SwedCham HK office - in all challenges there are opportunities. Therefore we are extremely happy that some of our initiatives during the past year have been noted by others - today we received the news that we have been awarded "BEST VIRTUAL EVENT OF THE YEAR AWARD" for our Virtual catered Crayfish Party.

"Truly unique and relevant event despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic." Liz Beneski, Executive Director, AmCham Abu Dhabi


The email from the host of the competition

"Congratulations on being named winner of the Best Virtual Event of the Year category at the 2020 APAC Chamber of Commerce Awards! Last year was an extremely difficult one for the whole humankind and brought unprecedented changes to the whole world, but you have fought through and continued serving your community. After careful consideration, judging committee has decided to recognize your accomplishments and dedication"

The annual Crayfish Party is the Swedish Chamber of Commerce's biggest social annual event in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, it was canceled in 2019 due to demonstrations and unrest. But in 2020, the new team at SwedCham HK successfully launched the world's first-ever virtual Crayfish Party despite the COVID-19 crisis. The Chamber hosted a 20-minute event on Zoom for everyone to celebrate and connect with each other. Well-prepared Crayfish kits containing crayfish, schnapps, decorations, songbooks, and Spotify playlists were also sold to members. Through strong willpower and determination, it managed to put on a fun and memorable event and made more money.


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