If, as a brand, you do not meet the standards you communicate yourself, your intended customers will opt for a competitor that they see as more authentic.

During 2018, Dragon News has tried to explain important trends that will affect cities, industries, and entire regions in coming years. Cities will become smarter, and Southeast Asia is emerging both as a competitor and a partner to China in many areas. Emerging industries, such as e-commerce, are already changing our lives at a core level.

Changes in how we work, and the way in which companies are organised may be superficially less apparent, but could end up being of equal significance in terms of their impact on society. In this issue, we profile start-ups like QuizRR and entrepreneurs like Charlotta Gandolfo. They each have an interesting story to tell about swiftly seizing opportunity through collaboration, and without investing in unnecessary corporate infrastructure upfront.

So, what will define a successful company in the future, beyond generating as much profit as possible? What are the traits that will attract the attention of customers in the market place, while at the same time securing the talent needed to satisfy those customers?

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